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The official Joker Box

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Gotham City better watch out!

Batman’s worst enemy has finally his own officialbox.

Extra wide smile, mental laugh, The Joker neverstays serious for very long…

Be ready because this box has many surprises instore for you - but watch out for traps!


The box is filled with 4incredible official products. 

The total amount of value is over 70€.

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  • Medium



One box for all the Joker’s fans

Selected colorful items will contrast with the dark of the caped crusader, ultimate nemesis of our favorite wicked bad guy. Your hideout will be even more classy, decorated with all these items!

What’s in the box?

4 official and essential products which will blow your mind!

More than 70€ worth of products

If you’re a Joker fan, this box will be perfect for you! With his insane ideas, his large grin and his Machiavellian plans, he will welcome you with open arms to create new crazy adventures!

Frequently asked question

What is The Joker Wootbox all about?

A Wootbox is filled with 4 official products including a t-shirt and a figurine. Quantities are limited.

To which countries do you deliver?

You can get this box if you’re located in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Germany, Austria and Spain.

Are all the products official?

Products are official and selected with Warner Bros. You’ll find the best of the comics inside the box.

Is this a subscription?

It is not a subscription. The Joker Collector’s Box is a special box and is only available in limited quantities. You only have to pay for this box.

What are the t-shirt sizes and cuts available?

We're offering a unique unisex, adult M t-shirt size.